Business Risk Analysis
Every business no matter how small or large, is exposed to risk in many areas. The most visible ones are of course damage through faulty work, the lack of health & safety for people, and the damage or theft of assets. But there are almost invisible underlying risks, which can cause major damage to the business, too – if not complete ruin. Administration is often an underestimated minefield when it comes to fraudulence. Misconduct of the trust in handling financial matters often only surfaces when the damage is reaching breaking point for the business. Even simply incorrect handling of documents and incorrect recording of data can have expensive consequences – it can display incorrect and misleading, yet major decision-making information.
Our aim is to help you set up points of effective management of those risks, allowing you to minimize controls and prioritize your use of time. Being a detached entity and neutral to anyone working within your business, we can implement risk management tools without prejudice and train your staff accordingly.

Business is is like a living being and moves through various cycles during its life span.
It grows, shrinks, and even expands lateral and constantly demands some adjustments in how we are doing things. For example, gaining more customers brings an increase in work, followed by the need of more hands-on-tools and more administration to deal with – sometimes it goes the other way and we need to think of shrinking those activities back to a healthy state.
A re-shuffle of tasks to better suit the skills of your people, or changing the way how things are currently done¬† are just a couple of options to consider for an increase of improving operations and raising that bottom line. We are looking at your business with a birds eye view, which enables us to see processes objectively – no sentimental attachments to “how it’s always been”.

System Change
As we all know, starting off by turning our skills into a business usually also starts with very simple administrative tools to keep the costs at bay. And then we end up with various small simple tools – that don’t talk to each other. We find out that people within the same area of work are doing their part in different ways, and inter-company communication is only happening during the morning tea break. As your business grows and you are no longer the only staff on board, those simple things are becoming obstacles, though.
We can review the systems as they are currently in place. Streamlining and automation of communication flow will ensure you can count on true teamwork while your business is moving forward. Informative live reports will enable you to make decisions on true facts, let these be operational or fiscal.
If a complete system change is required, we will be able to help source the most feasible for your specific business needs, and project manage the implementation end-to-end.

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