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ABC for Business provides in-house and office-based management services, using our financial and managerial skills. We keep up your accounting work, and report the outcome. We also create tailor-made business tools to ensure clear answers to your questions, and to monitor efficiency and feasibility throughout your business.


Have you ever asked yourself…

Does “money in the bank” really mean “my business is healthy”?

Are all my customers good customers?

Are my machines real assets?

This is just a small selection of many hidden questions in your business. The monthly financial statements, whether they are generated from your internal system or supplied by the external chartered accountant are statutory reports. Due to the way they look, many find them hard to read and understand. Also, these statements may or may not include "passive entries", such as depreciation, accruals, adjustments on prepaid items. Those figures can quite dramatically change the look of the bottom line in your monthly report.


Many businesses have started off as very small enterprises...

With time and success the business grew - is the administration cover still fit to cope?

Are the assets in your company working efficiently?

What are your key performance indicators telling you?

Can an operational procedure be streamlined through financial communication?

If your business information is clearly communicated, the business will operate sufficiently, errors are avoided and changes are surfacing early.


Thinking of the short-term and the long-term future...

Is there appropriate cash flow available, when your suppliers' payments are due?

Is there a financial cushion to cover for unexpected repairs, a machine replacement, or a reception upgrade?

Is the reality of your business matching your expectations?

Budget and Forecast are two very different future-focussed tools. In their individual ways they give you early answers to your ideas and questions, helping you make informed decisions on your business.


In emergencies, to fill planned staffing gaps, or to focus on a certain project...

How can your business keep running smoothly?

Nobody can do two full-time jobs at once

There are deadlines to meet!

 Every member of staff needs a break at some point, or gets sick, or is tied up in some other business project that has taken priority – it even happens to you.